Shree Mukilan Pari

About Shree Mukilan Pari

Shree Mukilan Pari is an aspiring medical student, philanthropist, and food security advocate motivated by his passion to improve the lives of the less fortunate among us. Pari has volunteered on two continents, published groundbreaking research on the liver-protecting effects of a common bark extract, and helped establish a pilot program to improve healthcare quality and access in rural India.

Shree Mukilan Pari: Medical Research and Employment

Shree Mukilan Pari is an undergraduate researcher primarily focused on biology, on course to enroll in medical school in the near future. 

Pari’s research career began in high school. During his junior year summer break, he participated in a research internship in the anesthesiology department at Ayesha Hospitals, in India. His work involved analyzing treatment quality assessments to better understand common issues in the application of anesthetic blocks and studying potential solutions. Pari statistically analyzed each potential solution, documented their relative effectiveness, and delivered several recommendations to local health authorities and practitioners: that they incorporate problem-based learning and scenario simulation into training materials and practice protocols, invest in newer equipment, consent to biannual inspections, incentivize well-trained anesthesiologists to work in rural areas, and educate prospective patients about the benefits of anesthesia. He eventually published his work in a manuscript for the International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences. 

The following year, Pari returned to India to conduct research at a well-known university. There, he studied the hepatoprotective (liver-protecting) effects of extract from the bark of Rhizophora Mucronata (loop-root mangrove) against hepatotoxicity induced by ethanol and acetaminophen in mice. He hopes to publish his findings in the coming months.

Shree Mukilan Pari’s Volunteer Work

An active volunteer, Pari has lent time and talent in a variety of medical and nonmedical settings. Recently, he volunteered at the South Asian Heart Center (SAHC) at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. There, he served as the primary point of contact for new and returning participants via phone-based onboarding conversations — setting up their efforts to combat cardiovascular disease for success. 

Pari saw an opportunity to apply what he’d learned at SAHC closer to home. He encouraged his mother to swap traditional cooking fats like butter and canola oil for healthier alternatives like avocado and coconut oil, nudged both his parents to begin exercising regularly, and taught his brother to make healthy smoothies using store-bought ingredients — and ditch unhealthy fast food milkshakes for good.

Shree Mukilan Pari’s Hobbies and Community Engagement Efforts

When he’s not conducting important medical research or working to improve healthcare for underserved Americans and Indians, Shree Mukilan Pari finds time to give back to his community and enjoy himself — often at the same time.

An avid hoopster, Pari enjoys pickup and competitive basketball with friends and schoolmates. His solitary athletic pursuits include crossfit, weight lifting, and calisthenics training.

Pari is also a devoted nature photographer who’s rarely far from his camera. The hills near his Bay Area home afford countless opportunities to catch birds, mammals, and rare flowers in their element, and his journeys to South Asia have opened up entire worlds of which his peers can only dream.

Pari supports the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society, among other medical charities.

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