COVID-19 Edition: Health Illiteracy


Health Literacy at Home and Abroad is an extremely important topic to me and has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. I write in detail about this in my medium article here:

The Importance of Health Literacy in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Health Literacy in the Present Day

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, health literacy is of utmost importance. Getting the word out about the vaccine, for instance, is necessary at this time. Everyone needs to know all of the facts so that they are able to make a decision based on not only the benefits of the vaccine for them, but also their loved ones and others around them.

New variants continue to pop up, emphasizing the need for the world to come together at this point. We cannot defeat this virus without everyone having access to education about the virus. People need to be provided with pertinent information so that they can make educated decisions.

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