Health Literacy Project in Rural Indian Villages

by Shree Mukilan Pari

Updated December 4, 2021


Providing access to health literacy as well as frequent medical specialist check-ins in the rural areas of the Indian villages. The doctors reach in the small rural villages are limited to nil and the patience required to make a trip to bigger cities to avail the speciality doctors and services.

I would like to set up a nonprofit that facilitates access to medical information to rural areas of India. I have had first-hand experience with understanding the issues that plague government hospitals in India, ranging from unequal resource distribution and differences in quality of care. Additionally, many villagers minimize their health problems and brush them off as unimportant. Because their main priority is supporting their family, they do not take their health as seriously as is needed.

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To alleviate this, rather than provide villagers with health care alone, it is important to give them access to information about healthcare as well. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. The same principle applies here. Giving villagers access to medical information would tremendously benefit them, because they would be able to discern health issues by themselves and potentially catch them early, mitigating later consequences.


I want to try to first try this health literacy model on a smaller scale and right in my father’s hometown. I grew up with the villagers there and to do something positive for them would be everything. My goal is to hold quarterly free clinics where villagers can have access to specialized healthcare as well as medical information that could help them in the future.

    • This would be a coordinated effort with the local health center in the village. Their help, supplies, expertise, and familiarity would be immensely beneficial for these events. Additionally, their location is centralized and allows easy access for all villagers.

    • Because of the ongoing pandemic, it is necessary that appropriate personal protective equipment and COVID-19 safety protocols be enacted.

    • Because the local health center does not have specialized healthcare, I want to bring different types of medical specialists to the village to give villagers access to diversified healthcare and health information.


Shree Mukilan Pari is an aspiring medical student who’s passionate about improving the quality of life of those less fortunate among us.

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